In 2013, my Laurier grad trip to Dominican Republic was quickly approaching. I started shopping for swimsuits and I couldn't believe how hard it was to find a flattering bikini! I went to several malls, boutique shops and scoured the internet endlessly. Nothing looked good on me! Everything I tried on was either too skimpy or covered too much. The bottoms were either too low and my pooch would hang over the top, or the bum was saggy and ill-fitting. As I continued shopping and torturing my confidence in change rooms, I realized there wasn't a single bikini out there that could actually flatter my curves the way I wanted. I then decided to put my business degree to use and design my own style of bikini bottoms,
'The Backwards Bikini'.

What has now become a best seller, our mid-rise cheeky bikini bottoms are designed to flatter all shapes and sizes by providing some extra coverage in the tummy and lower back area, while still enhancing the booty. As soon as I perfected this design, I knew I made something special purely because of how confident the bottoms made me feel. I knew that other women must have been feeling the same frustrations as me and would appreciate affordable bikini bottoms designed with their curves in mind. 

Manufactured right here in Ontario, Canada, The Cheeky Bikini strives to support the Canadian business market while empowering all women to rock a bikini, and feel great doing it. As the business grows, I have been adding new pieces to the shop, all with the same mission in mind - flatter curves and spread
body positivity. 

So, for all of you ladies that are struggling to find confidence on the beach - these bikinis are made thoughtfully for you.                                                        

xoxo Erin