Our bikinis are handmade in Canada with high quality nylon/spandex fabric sourced from Canada and Italy. Please follow our care instructions below to extend the life of your cheeky bikinis and maintain quality.

Washing Instructions:
  • Wash swimwear by itself for the first few washes as dye can sometimes leak onto other items (this is especially true for bright and neon colours)
  • Hand or machine wash in cold water using a gentle detergent
  • Avoid using any bleach or harsh chemicals as swimwear fabric is very sensitive
  • Lay flat to dry
  • Do not wring the suit dry as this can damage the shape
  • Do not dry in direct sun to avoid any colour fading

General Care:

  • Take extra care of bright/neon colours as they tend to be more sensitive
  • After swimming, rinse your bikini in cold water as soon as possible to protect it from salt water and damaging chemicals
  • Try to avoid rough surfaces as this can damage the soft fabric
  • Avoid getting excess lotions and oils on the bikinis 

Hot tubs & Pools:

  • Hot tubs and pools use a lot of harsh chemicals which can be very damaging to swimwear
  • If you own a hot tub or pool, ensure the water is safe and the chemicals are properly balanced. An unbalanced hot tub can cause discolouration and damage the fabric of your bikinis 
  • Keep in mind that public pools/spas use a lot more chemicals to keep their waters clean. If you are unsure if a pool is safe or not, wear a darker colour or avoid wearing your favourite bikini